Sunday, July 7, 2013

What did we get accomplished today???

...Well, a little more than yesterday!!!

I had REALLY bad insomnia last night (maybe I have a little on my mind??), so I was up from 12:15am until past 3:30am.... so I didn't get in until about 10am...

But, I did step up the volume of product checked in by about 70%. YAY!

And both Bonnie and Chelsea came in, plus Tom, so there were extra hands.

We walked around and assigned each rack its product/theme (well, mostly) and put sticky's on everything so we know where most stuff is going...

Most of the items that I had checked in yesterday were arranged to their respective racks.

We got a LOT of stuff in the backroom reorganized and figured out how we'll arrange our clearance section and the space for "The Father" :) (We *MUST* rehang the "Dad's Office" placard!)

And I placed the supplemental order for custom high school paper for Poway and Maranatha (I can't believe that I missed ordering Poway!! Sheesh!)

And we put a few other items out and talked about some other "ideas" we have.... SOOO exciting!!! We won't be able to get everything done by this Friday, so we will be a "work in progress" for a little while, but we will get everything set and done and "pretty" by our GRAND reopening.... (which you will NOT want to miss!!! BTW, you can sign up to get each blog post update at the right here). Our GR will be in August sometime. We'll let you know. But we will have our soft opening this weekend (fingers crossed).

Tomorrow, the front counter gets installed tomorrow and will have electric and we can get the front register set up.


We're working on it though!!!

Chelsea, Danni, and Bonnie will all be working tomorrow (plus me) so we should make great progress! :)

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