Monday, July 8, 2013


We accomplished SOOOOOOOO much today!!!

Mandy, Danni, Bonnie and Chelsea all joined Tom and I to work on the store today....

We were *ALLLLL* so impressed by how much we got done today!!

I got a BUNCH more product reentered... Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Fall, New, Wellspring, Bo Bunny Dots, cardstock, shimmers, metallics, Copics, custom embellies, Silhouette, some scrapbooks and refills, magazines, and some others were put out. Sooooo much more tomorrow! Lots of items are checked back in, but just need to be put out.

Tom reassembled racks and fixtures, broke down boxes, and took stuff to and from storage. He took a break from the store stuff to get our cars washed... wow, we needed it!

An important part of our progress today was that our front counter was set in place today!! Craig from Timber Point Construction has been just completely AWESOME!!! He put in the electric in the floor to the front counter. Then the flooring guys installed the floor after him. And today, Craig and his team returned and drilled the hole to drop the counter onto the outlet so that we can use it. This was REALLY IMPORTANT progress because we couldn't set up a front register until the counter was set! And all of the rest of the counters align with it, the new anti-fatigue mats couldn't be ordered until we knew the exact size. Anyway, Craig does general contracting and specializes in a couple of areas. (I need to ask him to remind me what they are). He's probably going to do our promo, so stay tuned!! But he has been just SUPER sweet and accommodating and really just awesome. I *HIGHLY* recommend him!

The mail also brought us a couple of goodies today!! They brought us new product from The Sweet Stamp Shop!! YAY!! I haven't opened it yet but it will be all brand new!! And, have I mentioned that our VERY OWN Danni is now on the Sweet Stamp Shop Design Team!!! CONGRATS DANNI!!!

For lots of Sweet inspiration, check out Danni's blog:

We also will now be the exclusive store for Nicole's classes!!! Nicole, the owner of The Sweet Stamp Shop, has chosen CSS to be her one and only store where she will teach!!! We are *SOOOO* honored!!

The mail also brought us another exciting item... our new business cards!!
They are a little more "lime" than I had wanted, but the girls REALLY liked them!!
Additionally, I have been making lists of things that we need, so after my super long day, I went to Office Depot and Home Goods to see what they had to offer....

I didn't find what I wanted at OD, so I wandered over to HG. I have a "love/hate" relationship with that store!!! I *LOVE* everything that they have and I *HATE* how much money I spend when I'm there!! Lol!!
These are a few of the goodies I got...
You can't really see them, but I got these glass hurricanes for the counter area for a new promotion we will be offering to our customers... Stay tuned!!! We think you will really like it!
These were just a few of the glass items that I had to choose from! It was KILLING me trying to figure out which one(s) to buy!!

Also, I've been looking for a new clock. The layout of the store requires that the clock be in the middle of the side wall so that it can be seen from almost everywhere. So, I want a really big one, and a little rustic.

I had wanted a dark wood (black?) edge with a rustic colored interior.... I found this one... (opposite of my color scheme).  I'm not 100% convinced, but I'm flirting with buying it..

Then, on my drive home tonight, it occurred to me that the City of Poway had never sent me new business license!!!  I applied probably 4 weeks ago with a planned open date of this weekend. Even though we were already a Poway business, we needed to completely reapply with a "new" business fee (ouch$!) and get a brand new license. I knew that, so I applied early (or so I thought). So, I'm really surprised that it isn't ready yet! I contacted them this evening (I didn't get home until after 7pm, so I had to send an email) to inquire about its status... Anyway, this might delay our opening a bit {sigh}. I'll try to call tomorrow to find out more. Fingers crossed!

While at Home Goods I found a few other goodies.... I'm DESPERATE to find them a home in our new store!! OMD they were so awesome!!

Isn't this amazing??
and this...
I'm thinking about putting it above the coffee bar... (oh - I also have only painted the drawer of the coffee bar and am considering reversing my plan and doing a dark stain on the piece - btw, it will NOT be done by our reopening!! Keurig still has not even called me back about getting a commercial unit! Grrr!)

And then, I'm reconsidering the furniture in the bathroom... A couple of runner-up's...
Ohhhh... lots and lots to do!!!

We are working as hard and fast as we can!!!

I would have never imagined that after 15 years that we would have an opportunity to "start fresh" but we are SOOOOOO excited to be able to do this!


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