Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Only a few more days...

Sorry that I didn't post yesterday... I was just WAYYYY too tired to formulate a coherent sentence!!


Yesterday, Mandy and I got to the store at 10am. We were the only ones there yesterday so, although we were giving it our all, we didn't get as far as we did on Monday when we had 5 more sets of hands like yesterday :( We would have had one more, and Tom did join us for a while, but he had to be back at home to wait for Sears to install our new dishwasher.

BUT, we did get several things accomplished.  Of course, there was still a LOT more to do....

I entered back in more product into the system. Mandy put out craft punches and tools. She also put out a BUNCH more Wellspring gift items.

I took some breaks and checked in some new product! We haven't received much yet, but we did get a bunch of washi, some cute mustache things, and some basics. I also checked in some new 7 Gypsie's and some Wellspring reorder. I still have to check in the brand new Sweet Stamp Shop order.

Mandy and I spent the last maybe 45 minutes or an hour just cleaning up... we took out all of the trash, broke down boxes and took those out, plus we took out recycle, and just straightened. Having less "stuff" around made things look SO much better! Less clutter is better.

These were boxes that we emptied and broke down last night:


Today, I got in at 8:15am. One of our reps came around 9am or so and helped until about 4pm. He put out scrapbooks, refills, greeting cards, SRM Tubes and things, and generally helped out. Mandy joined me at 10am and got a BUNCH of things put out like sprays, embossing powder, beads, Mudd Puddles, embossing paste, and items like that. Plus, lots of paper and embellishments.

I checked in BOXES AND BOXES of product!! (My feet and back are *KILLING* me!) And I had the back counter wired for electric and internet. Yup... another expense {sigh}.

The mail brought our first CLASS SAMPLE for the new location!!! I didn't have time to open it but it's an Elizabeth Crafts Design class with Jenny Griffiths. More to follow!

Mary joined us later in the afternoon and helped sort product into their areas. I left around 6pm and Mary stayed to greet Danni and Bonnie who are there this evening to continue the progress.

After leaving, I returned the piece of furniture that I bought for the bathroom. Once I put it in the bathroom, I wasn't in love with it and I found one that I liked more. So, I picked that up this evening and will put it in there tomorrow and see what I think. I also visited the clock I was looking at and decided I didn't like it enough, so I'll continue my search for that.


So... new stuff.....

Well, I mentioned that I checked in some mustache items, etc. And some new 7 Gypsies and Wellspring reorder. And I still have The Sweet Stamp Shop order to enter.

Today we got a bunch of Tonic scissors that I still need to enter.

But what else is coming???

Shipped today:
  • A bunch of Tim Holtz - two different orders actually - one of his Idea-Ology items and one of his ink pads and a couple of other items. These will probably not be here until the middle of next week.
  • Best Creations - their glitter papers plus some of their new lines. (More will be shipped later.) These will arrive tomorrow.
  • SRM - a reorder. These will arrive tomorrow.
  • Paper - some Cosmo Cricket and some Teresa Collins shipped today.

Other orders en route:
  • Yesterday, I ordered Bazzill cardstock. The Bazzill order will fill in our cardstock supply, plus will bring in those 4 new paper lines I showed you a few days ago. Of course, I just found out that those 4 lines aren't going to be available until the end of the month.
  • I received notice yesterday that our GIANT custom high school paper order will arrive Monday (a small portion of it will arrive on Tuesday). BTW, it also has several "So Cal Shop Hop" papers... :)
  • This morning, I placed a Scrapbook order. YAY! 


We have about 50% or so of the product-entered.

There are several things that we have decided we will do last.
  • One is the ribbon-by-the-yard. We aren't going to unroll and recount every spool!  I did a backup and export of our inventory counts before wiping our inventory levels, so we'll look up the count and enter that and call it done. But that will be time consuming.
  • Also, we have lots of NFL and MLB officially licensed embellishments. As a matter of fact, we believe that we are the ONLY store who has these items for sale! But we have so much of it, that we are going to wait to enter that until last.
  • Additionally, rolled stickers, items with TONS of pieces, etc... yeah - those will also wait!! Lol!


Well, I had hoped to open on Friday. A "soft" opening - when stuff is "mostly" in place but not totally and no fanfare, but open. Well, that might push a day. Or maybe until Monday...

What do you guys think? If we are mostly ready, is that enough? I hate to do that, but our phone rings off of the hook every day with people asking for stuff. And we get so many emails, too. And that doesn't even count our Facebook comments...

I hate to open "half-assed"... (It's always "whole-assed or none" in my book!) but we have been planning on this weekend for such a long time...

So, I guess I'm saying that our reopening date is not set at this point.... It will (hopefully) be some day between Friday and Monday.... We'll see....

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