Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ok - Tomorrow's "THE" Day!!! -- We're going to open at 9:30am!!

Everything isn't done yet, but we're going to open tomorrow at 9:30am!!!

We'll keep opening boxes and putting out merchandise throughout the day and week, but we have been closed too long!!

A couple of things to note:
  • Our AC is out but should be fixed tomorrow (7/15). I don't know what time they will be there, so it's cooler in the morning than the afternoon.
  • We only have one register up so far. I'm having trouble getting the network back up, so please be patient.
  • Not all of the product is out yet. We have probably 75-80% out, but there are still lots of items in boxes.
  • We have only received a few new orders, so we are out of a lot of the basics, we only have a few brand new lines, we are SEVERELY low on cardstock, etc. We have several orders arriving this week and next and will be stocking up within the next few weeks.

So, some other "stuff"...

I woke up at 5am, but didn't get to the store until nearly 9am. Dave from Dave Yant Signs ( arrived shortly after me.... He and I discussed what I wanted and he drew a sketch.

These are our windows "before":
This was Dave's drawing. I asked that the colors be changed, he agreed.
He mixes his own colors from primaries so he presented me with probably a dozen mixes to choose from. We both agreed that this was "The One" and we were really happy with the results.
Look at this AMAZING work of art!!! Is he awesome or what?!!!
Lisa joined me around 10am and Tom shortly afterwards. Lisa had to leave by 2 and no one else was available, so we were really short handed today, but we still got a lot done! Lisa put out a ton of product, I checked in more ribbon and some other items, Tom took stuff to and from storage and sorted out hooks for us (we have WAY too many and not enough room so we want a reasonable selection of the various styles).

I set the music up to be a little more "overall"... We still need to get the sound system set up...

I also organized all of the "leftovers" on the floor - the racks, acrylics, boxes, etc. - and just generally tidied up!
Our "Mascots"
So something funny happened on the way back from Home Goods....
I returned the piece of furniture that I had originally bought for the bathroom and got a new one that I liked better. I had already seen it and decided it was the right one and went back the next day...

Well, I picked it up, put it in the cart, checked out, put in the car and drove to the store. When Tom got there, I asked him to bring the furniture in. Tom walked in with two zebras and I was completely confused and he looked confused and asked me if I bought them.... "No! Where are they from?"... They were *INSIDE* the furniture!!! I never looked... the gal at Home Goods never looked (thank goodness, I would have been horribly embarrassed!!). Well, I haven't had a chance to return them yet (don't worry - they are in the car to go back there tomorrow!!! I'm *NOT* keeping them!!) but every one of the staff has had a little amusement over this event! Including perplexed questions about the theme of the new store and the commentary from one to the other of, "Do these stripes make my butt look big??"
Ok - so, you've stayed this long, here are some more pictures of the new store...
The area behind the front counter...
Custom School embellishments, die cutting tools, and Silhouette products.
and the gondolas across the front plus the "What's New" area...
Both sets of doors have carts and baskets:

So, yeah - we aren't totally ready, but we feel that we are ready "enough". Please be patient with us, but we are all committed to the best experience possible!!!

Thank you so much for the understanding and outpouring of love while we have closed, waited, and reopened.

So...... See you tomorrow???


  1. Congratulations Cool Scrapbook staff. I have missed you and look forward to shopping in your new location. See you tomorrow.

  2. things are looking GREAT! i cannot wait to come out!!! SEE YOU SOON!! :o)

  3. Stupid me, I didn't even know you had a new location. That great Gena and staff. I'll see you soon!!