Saturday, July 6, 2013

We've started unpacking.... Oh my!!! We have a lot of work ahead of us!!

I was at the store for a little more than 6 hours today.

Tom joined me and he worked on securing fixtures to the walls, putting spare items up in our attic, and organizing some things in the back room.

I decided to wipe out our POS system inventory amounts and reenter everything so that we have a VERY accurate inventory (and, sadly, to see how much has actually been stolen over the years - it is amazing how much theft we have!!). The staff agreed that it would be a great thing to do and that we would never have an opportunity like this again. I did that a few days ago and started fresh this morning.

So, for about 6 hours, I checked in product.... lots and lots of product. BUT, I haven't even made a dent in the piles of boxes! Since I've had the POS system at my house for the last month, I found a few features that we have never used and I found a SUPER easy way to check product in! But, while it felt like I checked in a ton of items, it was only $13,276.02 worth!! I couldn't believe it!!  At that pace, I should be done in about three weeks! LOL! (Of course, I would like to open on Friday, so lets hope that I pick up the pace a bit!).

I did take two breaks to put some product out...

We will have a great wall JUST of custom school paper! But, before we closed in May, we sold out of a bunch of styles. That's why I placed that GIANT order yesterday! We have practically NOTHING left! No Poway, only 1 Mt Carmel, 1 Del Norte, 1 Scripps Ranch, etc...

Anyway, this is where the custom school paper will be:

ALL of those empty spaces will be filled when the order comes in!! And, actually, we will probably have to put a few more trays at the bottom (we have some stacking ones) to accommodate all of the styles and schools. We will have more than 20 local high schools in stock!!
Oh no! I just realized that we were totally sold out of Poway and Maranatha and I did my reorder based on what we had in stock!!!  Ok - I guess I'm placing another order this evening!!! Sheesh!!! Can you tell I have a lot going on??!!!

If you want to see a list of the schools that we ordered, it's in this post:
And I'll reorder Poway and Maranatha right now. Any other requests??
Anyway, another popular product that we carry is actually a "gift" item. These Wellspring Flip Notes are SUPER popular!!! We sell them for LESS than the manufacturer's website by 30%!! We found this great rack for them:
YUP! We carry a LOT of them!!! And these are not all of the styles!!! These items make a GREAT hostess gift, stocking stuffer, Mother's Day present, etc!! And you guys LOVE them!! They are a notepad encased in metal, so they don't get dinged up in your purse. It is held closed by the pen and has a spring so that when you remove the pen, it automatically opens. And both the pen and the pad are replaceable.
At least one employee is going to come in tomorrow. And at least 2 on Monday. So, with more hands working on it, we should be able to make much more progress this week.