Monday, July 1, 2013

Storage is unloaded, let the madness begin!!!

We had our friends from LA staying with us for the weekend so we had 2 extra sets of hands. WOW! Such hard workers!!! So, between Tom and I, Brian and Kate, Chelsea and another friend, we were able to unload both storage units in only two days. AMAZING!!! (I had the truck reserved for 3 days!).
Gosh, though, could we have picked a warmer weekend???
Brian and Kate left this morning, so Tom and I went into the store after that.
It was pretty daunting when we started! 
We assembled wall units and reorganized gondolas.
Several of the fixtures got banged up or broken during the move. So Tom started repairs and reconditioning, while I organized boxes into groups and worked on putting together the backroom.
We definitely got a lot done, but have so much more to do!!!
Tomorrow will be a short day as I made an appointment in the afternoon since the Red Sox are on so I won't have Tom's full attention (Lol!).
Wednesday, we will be back to a full day and I hope to get at least one register back up and running.
During our "down" time, we are having our computers serviced and upgraded. We got one back already and hope to get another one this week. (The third will be another week). Then, we can finish getting the electrical wired and the computer network installed. Once that is done, the counters can be finally installed and we can hang the slat wall behind them and start finalizing the location of every other fixture.
We still have a few items in storage. This is a wall of just paper trays that are still at the storage unit.
I didn't want to be tripping over excess items while trying to get organized, so we didn't bring all of everything if it would fit into the car later...

Oh so much to do!!

And, during all of this, we are prepping for the Shop Hop, trying to order new product, working on our new online shopping site, and updating everyone on Facebook and the new blog....

I was so tired when we got home, that I immediately lied down on the couch and dozed while Tom took the dog for a walk.


But I'm SOOoooooo excited to open at the new location!!


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