Monday, July 22, 2013


So, they are now calling Summer CHA the "Create-n-Connect" Show....

Whatever you call it, we are in Las Vegas and looking at brand new product the day before the show starts...

We know that Mixed Media is becoming more and more popular, so we paid a lot of attention to the Splash of Color pre-show items. I'm excited to get their products in. We will meet with our rep in a couple of days to formally place our order.

Luminarte Twinkling H2O's... These are essentially a watercolor "paint" with a sparkle... I ♥ them!!! There are so many colors! These are just a few! We have a few of the previous release but want do you think? Should we bring in the new ones?

These are rub-on paints... you just use a cloth to basically wipe them onto your medium. So cool!
and they had a lot of other great items we want to bring in!!

And Crafter's Workshop - they have some new great stencils. We'll be bringing in several orders of their newest stencils and some of their classics.

And OOOOooooooo!!! The new Melissa Frances!! LOVE!!!

I didn't place my order yet, but who wouldn't want these???

Our first order that we put in was with Quick Quotes. It was for their inks... Danni SWEARS by them and they came out with new colors! So, we will get all of them.
We also ordered some paper collections, but I *HAD* to get the ink set... Danni can tell you why you NEED it!!!
And I just thought this was adorable. I know that some could just care less, but this really could have been a historical moment if the baby was a girl, so I was interested to see what happened (and I just think that the couple is cute and I'm happy to see Diana's son seeming to do so well). This was a rotating image on a giant digital billboard here...
Congratulations to Kate & William!

I have a lot more to show you but it's nearing midnight and I need to get to sleep so, this is just the beginning!!

More to follow!!


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