Tuesday, July 23, 2013

After Day 1 of CHA....

We had an appointment with them this morning first thing with our new rep. He seemed pretty good. He showed us the new product and we took a few pictures.

We've never carried their etching products before, but they have come out with a starter kit and we'll be bringing in their items. You can't really see it, but the wine glass has a mustache etched at the top. You can see it better on the picture below:

They recreated adhesive backed cardstock including packages of Kraft and other colors of cardstock in open stock... We'll definitely get the Kraft and let us know how you feel about the open stock cardstock...
Next we went to
They had, yet another AMAZING release!!! We ordered a BUNCH but it's shipping over several months. I have dozens of pictures from their booth... But here are some pictures of a few of the lines I ordered. These are the 3 Christmas lines that we have coming in:
These are just a FEW of the items I ordered!!! We have several other releases, plus stamps, wood flourishes, their "Beyond The Page" wood creation items (lots of pictures of samples taken... photos to follow soon).
In the new store, we have all of their FREE Kaisercraft Workshop Magazines for you!!! Come in to get one... or two... or three... or ALL of them!! We have at least the last 6 months in stock. Please come to the register for us to check them out to keep track of it, but there is no charge! "FREE" is my favorite "4-letter-word". :)

We followed that up by visiting Madison at
Echo Park and Carta Bella
I didn't really take pictures (well, I took one of a sample using their fall line and a 7Gypsie's tray)... I bought a lot. I just remembered why I couldn't find my catalog (I made notes in it and gave it to someone else), so I'll get it back tomorrow. I think I got 3 lines from Echo and 2 from Carta, but wow, I can't remember. One is a Halloween Carta Bella line and an amazing Carta Bella Christmas line! I think another one is a Christmas line from Echo Park. But I'll have to check!!

Next up was
They have a new line called Dapper Dan that the staff was SUPER HOT on, and when I saw it, I knew why!!
Next, we ran into
He and Mario were at the Stamper's Anonymous booth. They were very kind to take a quick photo!

Don't worry, I ordered a TON of Tim!! Holy Schmoly!! He did some most amazing work for this show!
More to follow about Tim's products...
Next was
I mean, he was a REALLY genuine Santa!! And very fun!!

I didn't end up ordering Heidi's entire Christmas line "Believe"... I liked it, but it was pretty similar to Carta Bella's. I got the 6x6 only. I really liked it, but what do you think??

I did get the entire Pink Paislee holiday line "Snow Village".
And, I ordered Heidi Swapp's 6 new mist colors!! 
was next!!
You may, or may not, know that Tim Holtz products are available through several different manufacturers, depending on the item.

We were at the Advantus booth. Advantus sells his "Idea-ology" line.... It can be hard to distinguish which products go through one versus another, so as a basic rule, I would say that his more "clunky" and "metal" items are through Advantus. As soon as I get back, we'll have the whole catalog at the store with everything that I can remember that I ordered marked in the catalog for you to see. I didn't get all of his new products, but I got a fair percentage of them....

But we're just wiped out from today so I'll have to continue late with more detail...

I'm not sure I'll be able to post tomorrow night - it might wait until we get home on Friday...

And I know that some are LOVING frequent posts and some are hating it. I'm keeping you current for now. Once the trade show is over and we are settled back in, we will be blogging on a regular basis, but only a few times per week. If the blog is too frequent, you can find us on Facebook or sign up for the emails. Emails go out about every 2 weeks. Facebook posts are the most frequent, but you can hide them, or ignore them, or not see them... they are more passive.

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More soon!


  1. I just saw that Silhouette is coming out with a stamp making kit... I am excited to play with that!