Friday, July 12, 2013

Maybe Opening Sunday or Monday...

So, today I got up at 5am again and got out of the house by 7:30am. I went to Albertson's and got some drinks for Spencer (the soda machine). It's not everything but I got the basics (according to the staff - lol!!): water, Coke and Diet Coke.

Then it was finally 8am, so Target was open. I stopped over there and bought some door mats for our two entrances... look pretty good, eh?
After that, I headed to the store...

I spent the first 30 minutes or so just organizing and cleaning up and putting stuff away. It feels so good getting stuff put away and cleaned up! Then, I started checking back in more product!! {sigh! It's really getting "old" at this point! lol!}

Lisa, Mandy, Bonnie, Mary, and Tom all joined me at various times. Bonnie left early so that she could come back to join Danni at 7pm to meet Danni. It was the earliest Danni could come, so Bonnie joined her so that she wasn't alone and they are pulling a night shift.

I had the windows cleaned...

So now the paper is off of the windows and now you can see our window displays... We are going to get the windows tinted darker AND get blinds b/c we have a very direct western facing façade and the sun is quite strong. But (along with the perfect reflection of the parking lot), you can see our preliminary displays...

We got a visit from Vicky from Stamping Details. She was hoping that we were opening tomorrow to come and visit, but she stopped in and say "hi"!
Anyway, I got the one register totally fixed so we have one complete register (the display and drawer were having issues).
We have the front of the store basically all set up now, but we are still checking in product. But it's starting to look good!!!
We receive our custom paper order on Monday and Tuesday and that will fill in this entire space, but it will be a nice "welcome" from our northern door.
And we are still trying to get more wood baskets from Home Goods. Mary is going to check the El Cajon store this weekend.
I had planned to check in ribbon last but I really want it done b/c it is an obvious area to see when the store reopens so Mary and I made the decision to start checking it back in this evening - the only box I could find was whites and creams, but we'll look for more tomorrow. It will be really pretty from our southern entrance.

Tom hung a few of the fire extinguishers, drilled some more holes for shelves in the counter and fixed a few more gondola issues.

Tom also had to drive down to the UPS hub to pick up an order that went to the old address and, for whatever reason, couldn't be redirected and extra 1.4 miles...
Well, late in the afternoon, I noticed that it was getting hotter and hotter.... it turns out that the AC quit!!! I was surprised, but the landlord actually came out in the afternoon and they have the AC guy coming out tomorrow, a Saturday. I'm a little upset because I've been questioning the AC since we moved in but REALLY glad that they didn't hang us out to dry for a whole weekend!!! (AC units only quit on Friday nights on super hot weekends!!!!)

The landlord still needs to fix the doors... that guy was supposed to come yesterday, apparently. At least the AC going out gave me a chance to ask the landlord again what was going on with that! He assured me that they are on it!
Most everyone left throughout the afternoon. Mary and I left around 6pm. Like I said, Bonnie came back at 7pm and the plan was that Danni would join her and they would get more put out....
We really did get a lot done, but it's just not enough. So, maybe we will formally reopen on Sunday or Monday or maybe Tuesday. But again, stop in and see us and if you need something!!! We have a lot of stuff out!!! All of the basics: adhesive, cardstock, craft punches, most of the tools, plus lots of other items...


  1. I stopped by today around 6pm but must have just missed you. Everything looks great though and I will be back next week. So excited for the new store! (Please save that bottle of UnDu for me. I will be up that way again on Wednesday. =)

  2. Sorry Beckie!!! Yeah - we must have just missed each other!!

    We have several bottles of UnDu so we should be good, but I'll make a mental note to pull one aside for you!