Friday, June 8, 2018

SRM Is Discontinuing Lots Of Popular Items!!!

After 4 decades, SRM is scaling back their business model and are discontinuing all:

  • Stickers
  • Clear Stamps
  • Tubes & Containers
  • Pillow Boxes
  • Calendars and Calendar Stickers
  • Glassine & Kraft Bags
  • Ribbons
  • Punched Pieces
  • Twine
  • and more!

Get them while we still have them in stock!!

Most items are on our site, however, some items have been moved to our SRM eBay shop.

As a reminder of what types of items SRM made, here are a few samples:

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Christmas is coming!!!

Tom and I were just in NY and visiting my Dad when he reminded me that this blog hasn't been updated in QUITE a while!
(Insert "super embarrassed that my Dad noticed that" look right here!!)

Incidentally, for those who know my Dad, he is doing well. 
He did have a mild heart attack a few months ago, but he is back up and around and as busy as ever!! 
It was a great trip! 
After a few days at Dad's, we all jumped into the minivan and went to Tom's parents' in Central ME for about a week.
We spent another couple of days at my Bestie's house north of Albany.
And wrapped up the trip with a few days in NYC for Tom's birthday.
Busy, busy, busy!!!

I guess I don't have an excuse for not updating this blog other than that it slipped through the cracks!!

Lots to do all of the time with our online shops, Aflac, and Accounting work for small businesses. 
Oh, and the house, and 5 cats and the 90 lb dog...
Life has just simply been busy!!

We *DO* get new products in on a fairly regular basis and list about 500 new items on our eBay shop every month!

We have a few offers out in our eBay shop for various items...
Some are simply discounted,
Some are if you buy so many of a certain type....

Items like Lawn Fawn, and NFL, and MLB. 
Plus lots of others!

And don't forget that we are still the 
official SRM Store online.

But we also have a BUNCH of Wellspring Gift items and these were a HUGE hit at the store - especially during the holiday season!!

They make great stocking stuffers, hostess gifts, and gifts for co-workers or someone you maybe don't know very well.
And we currently have a Wellspring promotion when you buy 3 or more.

Check them out here!

These are just a few!

I'll try to update more often, but I'm always on email, so shoot me a note if you have a question!

I still take special orders, but unless I have other stuff to order, I sometimes can't accomodate rush orders.
But feel free to ask!

(and Tom! And the 5 cats and dog *Ü*)

Saturday, September 16, 2017


Halloween is coming!!!
Are you ready?

These are just a few of the items 
in our Ebay shop for sale right now!

Here is a link to our ebay store.

Monday, July 3, 2017


The 2018 calendar stickers are in stock!!!
You can order them here.

We received a few of their new stamps, also:
They are available for order here.

And deco foil gel is in stock again!
All of the Deco Foil items are here.

Remember, you can
always pick up items in 
Rancho Bernardo to save shipping. 
You can pay with cash if you pick up.

Friday, June 2, 2017


Wow! Sorry that it has been so long since I've done a post - I'm not sure where the time has gone!!

We are still getting in new product on a fairly regular basis...

These are just a few of the Stampendous items we received in April:
Here is a link to all of the Stampendous items
on our ebay shop. There are many more than are shown here.

Here are a few of the items from Lawn Fawn we received in May:
Here is a link to all of the Lawn Fawn items we have on our ebay shop. There are MANY more than are shown here.

We have more Deco Foil gel arriving
Tuesday, 6/6/17:
Here is a link to all of the Deco Foil products!

And, we have preordered the Master Detective 8x8 paper pads and Journaling & Ephemera Cards which should arrive next week:

You can preorder your items now and we will ship them when they arrive!
Here is a link to the Master Detective items.

For all of our Graphic 45 items, click here.
More will be added soon!

Un-du is IN STOCK! It is expensive to ship because it must go ground, so save the money and pick it up!
It is on ebay here.

And we still are the SRM online store, 
so all of their items can be found here: 

And we have a ton of other great items available!!

You can follow us on Facebook
(even if you don't have a Facebook account)

Save on shipping!
If you want to pick up your items in 
Rancho Bernardo, that can be arranged!
Want to pay cash? 
Pick up your order and you can pay cash and get your frequent buyer discount!

Need a special order?
Please ask!

Thanks for stopping by!!