Thursday, July 11, 2013

Not reopening on Friday....

Well, I tried.... I tried like crazy!!! So did the staff!!! I had hoped to open by tomorrow, but we just aren't ready "enough"... We still have TONS of product to check back in (we zeroed out our inventory and are checking it all back in so that our inventory counts are accurate).

However today, we had TONS of help!! I got in at 9. Mandy, Lisa, Chelsea, Bonnie and Tom all joined me by noon. Late in the day, Crazy Rachel also came to visit!!! She helped a bit and found a bunch of stuff that she wanted so she became our FIRST CUSTOMER in our new location!!! YAY!!! And it was so great to see her!!

Lisa reorganized the backroom area. It's STUFFED with things, but she got it organized and made as much space as possible. We are hesitant to send a bunch of stuff back to storage just to find that we need it... so we shoved a bunch of stuff back there until we know...

Chelsea ran the electrical to the "OPEN" sign so that we can operate it on a switch (THANK YOU for being our one employee not afraid of heights!!).

Tom painted, secured racks to walls, drilled holes in the counter for shelves, drove stuff to and from storage, etc.

Everyone else put out product, sorted, organized, and cleaned. Bonnie was the closing staff and got SOOooo much out!!! She was just a machine!!

I, of course, reentered a TON more product!

I also worked on setting up more computers. Craig from Timber Point Construction came and finalized our CAT5 cabling to the front for wired internet. So, I added the switch to allow it to split for all of the registers and ran all of the cabling around. Plus, started putting together all of the pieces to make the registers: Battery Backup, CPU, Monitor, Printer, Display Pole, Credit Card Swiper, keyboard, mouse, cash drawer.... there is a lot that goes into a register!!

I also got the hallway to the bathroom cleared out and cleaned up and moved the microwave there. That's where the refrigerator and coffee bar will ultimately go.

Then I cleaned out the bathroom of excess items. We needed space so we were storing a bunch of stuff in there. Tom put the new piece of furniture that I bought last night in there. I like it a lot better! I got most of the excess items out of there and swept. We still need to deep clean it, but it just feels so much better to have that room cleared out again!

And we received an order of Best Creations today - 3 new paper lines - Paris, Christmas, and Music... Plus a few glitter sheets (we have more coming!).

So.... more tomorrow... I know that Mandy, Bonnie, and Lisa are planning to be there. I think Chelsea is going to be there. Plus Tom and I.

I need to set up the rest of the registers/computers and check in more product (The rest of it?? - gosh that would be nice!) A *TON* of stuff needs to be put out. And then we'll be mostly ready!!!

We are still waiting for the landlord to fix the doors - they don't really work right. And we still have paper on the windows. I've been contacting window cleaners to try to find someone to clean them before we get them painted. I forgot to set that up so I'm scrambling a little bit about that...

So, maybe we'll reopen Saturday or Sunday?

But, if you need something, if we have it unpacked, we can sell it to you, so don't hesitate to come in if you are in the area!!

I have to tell you though, it's been so great to see the girls again!!! We are all getting caught up on what has been going on with each other. It's been so fun!

Oh - and if you are wondering about Danni and Tori...

Tori is out of town until August, but WILL be back!!! She thinks she will return about August 2nd or so. And she is working on a new class using Crate Paper's 'The Pier' line, which we will be getting!

Danni's husband has been busy with his work and they have two young children who don't go back to school for about a month. So she can only come in when he is not working. So she is still around, will definitely be back, and will also still be teaching!

OH!!!! And we got *EXCITING* news today!!!! Guess who is going to start teaching again and she is starting at our store... Can you guess??? Post your guess here and be entered to win a $10 gift card to the store!!! Let's say that you need to post by the end of 7/15 pacific... K?

We're getting closer!!! Thanks for reading!!!


  1. we need more hints. is it a "celebrity" from the scrapping world or more of a local legend?

    1. Well, I don't want to give it away... She is a local legend... I worry about being more specific. If this doesn't give it away, i'll divulge more.

  2. Is it Susie Q? I miss her classes. :)

  3. Jennifer Priest ... Hippo blogger and cool book maker and silhouettes?

  4. Super good guesses --- Leslie - it's not Suzie Q BUT that doesn't mean that she isn't coming back. I've been meaning to email her. She is doing FANTASTIC!!! She just ran one of her Stamp Camps at Roughly Manor last month and is just doing wonderful!!

    And Jennifer Priest *IS* coming back, but I already announced that...

    You'll have to go back in history a little bit more to find this SUPER POPULAR teacher on our calendar.... :)

  5. Oh, I hope it's Katie Watson -- I love her work!!!

  6. My guess is Kristie Steffens???

  7. OH how I hope it will be Katie... I so miss her .

  8. Ok... and the winner is.... paperkraftD - please send me an email so I can get your GC ready.

    And YES!!!! It's Katie!!! Her last name is McCarthy now, but she is looking into developing some new projects and doing some classes with us again!!