Friday, December 19, 2014

10 Days of Gift Ideas!!! Day 5...

For the scrapbooker, card maker, 
and/or Sports Fan in your life!!

We have officially licensed National Football League (NFL) and Major League Baseball (MLB) items!!

For baseball*, we have uniform sets, pennants, bottle caps, stadiums, flat stickers, and/or patches.
These are some examples:

For football*, we have uniform sets, helmets, and/or patches.
These are some examples:

Uniforms are made from actual fabric.
Helmets are 3D paper stickers.
Pennants and patches/logos can be stuck on, sewn on, or ironed on.

*These are just examples. We have most teams, but some might be sold out. For baseball, only major markets had items other than the 3D uniform sticker.
For football, all teams had uniforms, helmets and patches, but some are sold out. These cannot be reordered. Please note, we are one of the last stores in the world where you will find these in this large of a selection. So, if there is one that you want, you will want to purchase it now. 

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