Tuesday, December 16, 2014

10 Days of Gift Ideas!! Day 2...

Of course, Scrapbook Supplies make GREAT gifts!!! But did you know that we carry other gift items too? We have something for everyone!!

Gifts by Wellspring!

Everyone likes to have a notepad handy and the Flip Note by Wellspring makes a GREAT stocking Stuffer!
We have DOZENS of designs from which to choose!
Pen replacement and pad refills available. 

(complete product details are at the bottom)

Plus, they also make Card Cases.
The card cases can be used for business cards, gift cards, credit cards or money. 
Several patterns come in both the 
Flip Note and the Card Case!

These are just a few of the ones that we have in stock.

These make GREAT stocking stuffers!!!
Metal Flip Notes start at $6.99
Metal Card Cases start at $4.99

Need something a little more stylish?
The Signature Series card cases and flip notes are made with faux leather.
Card Cases start at $8.99
Flip Notes start at $9.99

***Product Details***
Metal Flip Note:
The blank note pad has a metal case that keeps edges from ruffling and tearing, and a handy retractable pen which holds the protective cover in place. Slide the pen up and the cover flips open. Note pad is perforated- no messy tears. Flip Notes are great for purses, backpacks and briefcases- to jot notes wherever you are and when only a quick note will do. Height: 4-3/8"  Width: 2-3/4"

Metal Card Case:
This aluminum card case has multiple uses. It is RFID protective for ID and credit cards- use it as a wallet. It makes a perfect gift card (better than a greeting card!) holder, and can also hold business cards, loyalty cards, and hotel keys. And, it is perfect as a protective wallet that you can slip into a pocket for a night out- when a purse or bulky wallet will not do.

Signature Series Flip Note:
 An elegant little note pad with faux leather cover. It features a heavy snap magnet closure with blank note pad and retractable pen. The inside has a soft velvet flocking and the note pad is perforated so there are no messy tears. Pen replacement and pad refills are available. Flip Notes are great for purses, backpacks and briefcases.

Signature Series Card Case:
Show off your cards with this elegant card case. Faux leather outside with soft velvet flocking on the inside. The case features a strong snap magnetic closure. A great way to present and store business cards, ID, money and loyalty cards.

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