Saturday, December 20, 2014

Text Based Coupon Program

So, we had a rough start.... hundreds of people wanted to sign up BUT there was a bug that kept most people from receiving their "Welcome" coupon.

We have figured out the bug!!! 
Unfortunately, I have to fix everyone manually.

Our offer was that the first 150 people who replied to our email, our blog post, or our Facebook message would get a text coupon for "$10 off of $25+" merchandise purchase.
 Unfortunately, the service only sent out welcome coupons to about 50 people.

Last night, the text company contacted me that they finally figured out the problem and they gave me a work-around, but it is time intensive.

I want to assure you, I spent the bulk of my day activating people so that they would get their coupon.

AND, I went past the first 200 people!

So, if you were after 200, you will still get a welcome coupon, however, it might be for $5. 

But hey! It's still $5 off!!
AND, you get your Frequent Buyer discount on the balance!

Also note, I'm not done! We FLEW past 200 people super fast and I ran out of time so there are plenty of you who are signed up to get text coupons from us but haven't received your welcome coupon. PLEASE do not worry! I'll get everyone set up and corrected. Everyone will get a welcome coupon. And once you get the coupon, you have a full 30 days to use it!
We will see it on our end once we enter your cell into the program, so if you forget your phone, you can still get the coupon!

Really, this program is super slick, so we hope you like it!

Another thing to note:
Once you sign up, you get a confirmation text.
It asks you to confirm and reply with your email.
You do not need to.
It will ask you to download the app.
You don't need to.
HOWEVER, some cell phones won't accept the emails, but the app will still notify you that you have a coupon!

The system is new so for a few weeks we might forget to ask, but soon it will be common place for us to remember to ask you but rest assured, all of us will be working hard to remember to ask your you are part of our text coupon program!

Let us know if you have questions?!!!

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