Saturday, December 5, 2015


FINALLY!! We have settled on a location for our custom papers for the local high schools!!!

We have struggled to find a good way to sell the local custom paper online. 

We've tried to approach other businesses to sell it in their stores and that has been unsuccessful so far. 

SO! We have opened an Etsy shop JUST for our custom papers for the local high schools. I only have a few papers out there so far, but I'm working on adding more. I also will update quantities after all of the pictures are loaded. And THEN, we will finally be able to reorder and get in stock some schools that we are out of like Maranatha and Mt. Carmel!!

Which school do you want me to load? If we have it in stock, I'll move it up to the front of the list!!!

These are just a few!!

Eventually, we will have all 30+ local high schools online (those are the ones that we have in stock currently).

Want papers made for a school we don't carry? You only need to order 12 of any style. Orders take between 2 and 4 weeks.

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