Monday, December 16, 2013

12 Days Before Christmas (aka: The 12 DEALS Before Christmas) - Day 4

Monday, December 16th -

If you are getting this message via email, you might be getting it a day late. Sorry about that!! I forgot to post it last night!

Anyway, today's deal is WASHI TAPE!!!

All in stock Washi Tape (and we have a lot!!!) is 25% off!!

AND YES!!!! If you are a frequent buyer member, you will get your extra 5% off!!!!


Don't forget, we have Lawn Fawn in stock until next Sunday at 15% off (plus frequent buyer).

And through the end of December, all in stock adhesives are 10% off (plus frequent buyer).

So, LOTS of opportunities to stock and SAVE at Cool Scrapbook Stuff!!

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