Sunday, June 30, 2013

Our first day of unloading storage...

So, it was over 90 degrees yesterday {sigh}. We were all covered in sunscreen and drinking TONS of water!!! Phil, at our storage place, checked in on us several times to be sure we had enough water, and even brought us a big pitcher of ice water late in the day - just to be certain. He's awesome!!! If you need a storage unit, go to Storage West in Poway and ask for Phil. Give him my name (Gena Barney) and you'll get at least $25 off. You can email me if you have questions.


We made three trips with the big 16' Penske rental truck, plus a pickup truck, and our little Honda Fit full of delicate items and computer equipment.
This is just one of the GIANT piles of boxes we have...
We were surprised that moving the counter was as "easy" as it was... we have it down to a science now!
Only 19 more of these to go...
Another 90+ degree day today, but we're meeting at 10am to get started again!
Everything is a total mess and I just want to be DONE with the storage part and start putting things where they belong!
We are hoping to have everything that we KNOW we want in the new store, out of storage today.
Then I can start assembling and organizing and ORDERING NEW PRODUCT!

We're making a list and will have to hire a handy man for a day, plus an electrician and have the Geek Squad out to put our network together (usually I do it, but I just don't have the energy!!)

But, so far, things are on schedule! :)

~Gena :)

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