Tuesday, March 4, 2014

More New Products!!!!

Hold on tight, because I'm going to be posting with this same title 
A LOT coming up!! 
WOW! We have so many orders working their way through our doors!!!

Because our new space is a little smaller, we've had to really 
stagger shipments in order to be able to house everything, 
but I went a little crazy this week and maybe did "too much" 

Ok, so coming soon....
• More Julie Nutting
• Marion Smith (new for us!)
• Fancy Pants
• Reorder of SRM
• And, we have some miscellaneous orders for Ranger, Tsukineko, 
7 Gypsie's, Lawn Fawn, Stamper's Anonymous, Advantus, Jolee's, and Martha

And, arriving tomorrow
(Wednesday, 3/5)
is Kaisercraft!!!

Seriously, this is ONLY A FEW of the items coming!
There are 140 Kaiser SKU's coming in!
But I downloaded a few of the images for you.

PLUS, the newest issue of Kaiser's Workshop Magazine is arriving!
Remember, it is ABSOLUTELY *FREE*!
And we have issues going back for a year that you can
grab for some FREE inspiration!!

 Ok - here are some images of a fraction of what is coming....

Are you on our request list for a Kaiser order?
A few things were out of stock, but otherwise, 
we'll be giving you a call to let you know that your item has arrived!!

Also, we have several other requested items ordered, 
so we'll be giving many others a call soon!

Stay tuned!!

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