Sunday, June 23, 2013

Our New Neighborhood...

Our neighbors have always been important to us!! At our old location, being near Michael's and Jo-Ann's was a plus.... You guys LOVED being able to shop at all three of us with just one stop!!

Well, as you probably know, Michael's is moving soon. They are actually moving RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from us!! We tried to move over there but M's blocked us...

But we REALLY think you will like our new neighbors!
  • O'Reilly's Auto Parts - now your hubby will have a place to hang out and shop while you are in CSS! 
  • Cappuccino Cottage - for your exotic coffees and pastries and things. We do plan to install a coffee bar at the store, it will be for basic coffees, iced teas, hot chocolates, etc.
  • Cully's Restaurant - open for breakfast and lunch and a long time Poway staple
  • Body Beautiful - need your car washed or detailed? Drop it off with BB and come over to shop with us while it's being done!
  • Boxing/MMA/Karate - come on over and shop with us while your kid/spouse finishes their lesson!!!
  • Los Memos - like Mexican fast food? I've been eating there a lot while setting up the new store and haven't run into an issue yet!
  • Charlie's Barber Shop - does hubby need a haircut? Charlie's window says that boys and men are only $7!!
And these are just a few of our new immediate neighbors!!

We REALLY think you will like our new 'hood!!

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